Living The Writing Life Podcast with Nancy Christie

In Conversation With… author Casey Bell

May 22, 2020

caseybell03-819x1024.jpg My guest is author Casey Bell. And he's quite a prolific author with 22 books to his credit!

To date, Casey has authored two Young Adult, three general fiction, and three non-fiction books, two short stories, one horror book, one book of poetry, five children's books, one book of collection of art, and four Word Search books.

Besides writing books, Casey is also a playwright, graphic designer, fine artist, and fashion designer. For more about Casey and his work, visit his author website, personal website and his ReadyWriter Company website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook and Books to Read on Tumblr.

In this interview, Casey and I talk about his book, Essays from Dysfunctional Families: Literary Betrayal, his writing process, and the next project he's working on. Casey also shares his pathway to becoming a writer, what stimulates his creativity and what the act of writing brings into his life.

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